2018/19 YDS

Welcome to the 2018/19 YDS Season

We are holding 4 events again this season, with the first two counting towards ranking points for Challenge Wratislavia

This season we are trailing doing all the fencing on one day! Last season the Sunday's were very quiet so we are hoping having all the weapons on one day will lead to a great atmosphere and lots of support for everyone

Events are:

YDS1 - Saturday 3rd November - Dunfermline High School http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-1-dunfermline-1

YDS2 - Saturday 8th December - St George’s School, Edinburgh http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-2-edinburgh-0

YDS3 - Saturday 12th January - Bathgate Academy http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-3-bathgate

YDS4 - Saturday 23rd February - Perth http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/yds4-perth